One Last Roundup – The Philippines 2016!

I imagine actually reading through my travelog will be interesting to all of two people (at a push), but because I somehow managed to fit so much in, I thought a final roundup condensing it all into one post might be useful. Also, the itinerary worked really well for me, including enough activity to keep … Continue reading One Last Roundup – The Philippines 2016!

Day 10-13 – Boracay

I'm condensing these days into a single post because, well, I spent a lot of my time in Boracay either drunk or hungover, and I am writing this post from memory in the comfort of my own front room (looking out of my window at a cold, rainy English Saturday). Having spent the first night … Continue reading Day 10-13 – Boracay

Day 9 – Cebu City – Boracay

I'll admit this is a day late owing to the unexpected heavy session last night before I had a chance to jot it down. The self proclaimed "party hostel" I am currently booked into certainly lived up to its hype. More on that later. Rising an hour late this morning, due to a moderate indulgence … Continue reading Day 9 – Cebu City – Boracay

Day 8 – Moal Boal – Cebu City

I'm sure starting your day being served eggs and bacon by a Filipino transvestite and ending it eating cup noodles in a 7/11 has some analogous qualities. What they are, I'm not sure. Maybe because I'm sitting in a 7/11 eating cup noodles, being blasted in my right ear with the sounds of the local … Continue reading Day 8 – Moal Boal – Cebu City

Day 6/7 – Oslob – Moal Boal

Being in no fit state last night to continue Day 6, this is how it went down; Explaining to the bus driver that we were looking for a hostel that we thought was called "Sharkys", he unceremoniously dumped us at the side of a very nondescript road in pitch black darkness, and pointed to a side … Continue reading Day 6/7 – Oslob – Moal Boal