One Last Roundup – The Philippines 2016!

I imagine actually reading through my travelog will be interesting to all of two people (at a push), but because I somehow managed to fit so much in, I thought a final roundup condensing it all into one post might be useful. Also, the itinerary worked really well for me, including enough activity to keep … Continue reading One Last Roundup – The Philippines 2016!

Day 6 – El Nido – Oslob

I am writing this towards the end of this somewhat epic journey. If the blog inexplicably ceases here, I didn't make it. So it was a trike to the bus depot in some horrendous rain first thing. Mistakenly I thought this might mean the van driver would take it a little easier on his 5 … Continue reading Day 6 – El Nido – Oslob

Day 5 – El Nido

I'm told that my day began with Mike attempting (unsuccessfully) to shake me awake at 6am to join the hike with him and Hazel. He seemed to find it hilarious that my snoring was so bad. All of a sudden I was concerned, embarrassed and also happy I was in a private dorm. What I … Continue reading Day 5 – El Nido

Day 4 – El Nido

Having woken up at 5.30am to hike up a mountain (writing it down now, this does seem like a stupid idea), I found out to my  thinly veiled delight that the previous night's rain had made it too dangerous. The pictures looked nice, sure, but a hike was the last thing I wanted to do. … Continue reading Day 4 – El Nido

Day 2 – Manila to El Nido

Regrettably I have to report that today did not go to plan. I understand that out of adversity comes character, or strength, or some shit, but seriously the worst thing in the world that could have happened, happened (more on that horrendous exaggeration later..). So I woke up in my pants on the bottom bunk, … Continue reading Day 2 – Manila to El Nido