Day 9 – Cebu City – Boracay

I'll admit this is a day late owing to the unexpected heavy session last night before I had a chance to jot it down. The self proclaimed "party hostel" I am currently booked into certainly lived up to its hype. More on that later. Rising an hour late this morning, due to a moderate indulgence … Continue reading Day 9 – Cebu City – Boracay

Day 8 – Moal Boal – Cebu City

I'm sure starting your day being served eggs and bacon by a Filipino transvestite and ending it eating cup noodles in a 7/11 has some analogous qualities. What they are, I'm not sure. Maybe because I'm sitting in a 7/11 eating cup noodles, being blasted in my right ear with the sounds of the local … Continue reading Day 8 – Moal Boal – Cebu City

Day 5 – El Nido

I'm told that my day began with Mike attempting (unsuccessfully) to shake me awake at 6am to join the hike with him and Hazel. He seemed to find it hilarious that my snoring was so bad. All of a sudden I was concerned, embarrassed and also happy I was in a private dorm. What I … Continue reading Day 5 – El Nido