I imagine actually reading through my travelog will be interesting to all of two people (at a push), but because I somehow managed to fit so much in, I thought a final roundup condensing it all into one post might be useful. Also, the itinerary worked really well for me, including enough activity to keep me from feeling like I was wasting any time, and enough chill time to really recharge the batteries towards the end of the trip.

So the itinerary went a little like this:


1 night – stayed at Lion’s Den Inn (Hostel website)

Fantastic little hostel that I ashamedly didn’t get to experience to its fullest – though spent enough time to become acquainted with Red Horse beer, and met a few locals and travellers who really helped push me in the right direction with my travel plans. If you go there, say hello to Marc for me. You can’t miss him – inevitably he’ll be on a longboard…


3 nights – stayed at OMP Hostel (Trip Advisor Site)

Can’t say much against this place either. Free breakfast every morning, well stocked bar (fridge with beer), good location. Most of all, the common areas are spacious and designed with the intent of socialising. You really can’t stay here and go away without a new set of friends at the end.

Boat Tour C

Fantastic trip around some of the most stunning bays and lagoons you are likely to see on your trip. Nicely priced and well catered (a very, very nice spread is laid on for lunch). One thing – don’t forget your sunscreen!


Zip Line

I’ve mentioned before that zip lines can be seen as a bit of a gimmick, but honestly this is something to behold. Flying superman style from the main island to a small island over the most beautiful blue sea…I think I’m getting emotional thinking about it. (See video below for a good idea of what it is like!)


Nacpan Beach

Beautiful (this word may get used a lot in this post).


Sunset Beach

Same beach as the zip line (Las Cabanas). A few quiet bars to enjoy a beer while the sun goes down.

Pukka Bar

I’m told I was here. My head told me I had a good time…

Other activities I unfortunately missed (but heard very good things):

  • Boat tours A, B & D (ask around – A and C are the most popular)
  • Viewpoint hikes (early start for a stupendous view looking down at the beach – sunrise if you’re lucky)


Oslob – Whale Shark Snorkelling

Stayed at Sharky’s Hostel (Trip Advisor site). Extremely basic but a stones throw from the whale sharks – a bonus given the best time to go is early doors (5pm ish). Definitely worth doing, and an amazing experience, but like many animal experiences across the world – it is not without its ethical questions.


Kawasan Falls

Absolutely stunning scenery and almost unbelievable blue water (again, see the video). Perfect for a swim, cliff jumping, rope swings or just a great photo to make the folks back home jealous as sin…



Cebu for me was a little like a rollercoaster ride. It would have been nice to have maybe taken it a little slower and appreciated what was going on. We did visit some very nice hot springs, which were a short tricycle ride from the hostel in Oslob, and when visiting Kawasan, booked through the hostel in which we were staying (which I cannot seem to find online…).


4 nights – stayed at Mad Monkey Hostel (Official Site)

Honestly, such a great place to stay. Chilled during the day with a pool and bar/restaurant – just the right side of mental at night. Everything shuts down at 11 meaning you can either carry on at the beach (recommended) or crash for the night. Staff here are second to none, and fun!

Scuba Diving

There are plenty of places on the island that can arrange scuba trips for divers of all abilities and levels of experience. We found that booking through contacts at the hostel offered good value for money, but shopping around may well reap rewards that we were too lazy to discover!


Pukka Beach

A beautiful, quiet beach to relax at after – and before – a mad night of drinking at White Beach.

White Beach

Blue sea, white sand, palm trees, Starbucks…yes it is a little commercialised – and there are tourists aplenty – but hey, it’s White Beach. Also, 4 words; comes alive at night!

And to summarise the lot:

Watch the video!


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