I’m condensing these days into a single post because, well, I spent a lot of my time in Boracay either drunk or hungover, and I am writing this post from memory in the comfort of my own front room (looking out of my window at a cold, rainy English Saturday).

Having spent the first night on the island quite predictably drunk, I had planned my first day to be somewhat tame. My new friend Amy from Japan had other ideas however and, having had a rather extravagant lunch at a pricey bar down the road, decided to try out scuba diving for the first time.

Not being one to say no to things like this, it seemed a good idea to me. Also, Amy seemed to have this inexplicable way of getting things organised without visibly having much of an idea of what was going on, and before I knew it I was on a transfer to Bulabog beach.

We’d paid ₱2,500 each for a taster dive which included transfers, training, equipment and a 20 minute dive with a buddy. They took a load of photos and these were free as well – to my surprise.


Obviously, the dive was fantastic, and although we only descended to around 8m depth it certainly whetted my appetite for more of the same.

The whole trip was organised via an eccentric chap called Glien who seemed to be around the hostel a fair bit, showing off his weird and wonderful musical instruments and inviting people to get drunk on the beach. If you go to Mad Monkey, get to know him, he has a lot of contacts in the area for this sort of thing.

In all honesty, my main reason for coming to Boracay was to chill and relax, following a relatively full-on first week. Therefore unless I carry on fawning over how beautiful the White Beach is (it is), how great the weather was (it was) or how much Red Horse I consumed (a lot) this will be a short blog post, so accept my apologies and see below for the highlights:

Pukka Beach

Beautiful way to end the day. Spent an afternoon here at this (almost) deserted stretch of beach around 30 minutes away from Bulabog by trike. We managed to fit six of us and a dog on this trike which I think must be some kind of record (for me at least). There is a bar there run by local artists who are very keen to show you their wares, which is cool.

White Beach

The aforementioned beautiful beach is, of course, a sight to behold. It is also very commercialised at Station 2. I found the best bit was around station 1 where there were very few shops and bars

Spider House Resort

Went here for a drink on the premise that there was some cliff jumping. Turns out that if you want to do this you have to enter the actual resort (at a cost of ₱500), and only when the tide is in (it was out when we visited). Pretty cool place though, and a little difficult to get into. Food and drink all went down well. Also a very nice walk back to Station 2 once we were done.

Mad Monkey Hostel

Best. Hostel. Ever.

I extended my stay here twice because it was just so nice, and there were so many cool people. Leaving was a struggle!

One more night in Manila before jumping back on Philippine Airlines to Heathrow. And Home. And work….




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